Our company's designs brings the high-tech building technologies from small craft industry to houseboats. Many decades of yacht development created safe, comfortable, economical living spaces many miles away from the shore. There is no reason not to use the learnings to houseboats!

All bellow designs are intended for inshore (enclosed water limits) or inland waters (see NZ Maritime Rules Part 20 - Operating Limits for a clear definition of terms). Check with your local authorities if/how these terms apply. Some designs can be straight forward modified to conform for restricted or coastal zones usage. Other would need too many changes to worth, an entirely new project would be more appropriate. We would be happy to discuss any of your requirements.

Our designs can be motorized with a choice of low power diesel inboards or outboards (hence the low speed of moving). Some designs are intended to be immovable or movable with the help of tug-like boats. Electric engines are the buzzing words nowadays, we are considering several options (still to be convinced by their efficiency) but are the only choice, for the moment, for a green, self-sustainable lifestyle.

Houseboats to 46'



A simple to build, spacious, composite (sandwich) made 42' houseboat. Based on two flat bottomed, barge like hulls, with a flat, large bridgedeck. The cabin is made from large flat panels (ideal to be made on an infusion table) joined by a quarter cylinder - very easy to make starting as a flat panel. Thick PVC sandwich sides helps insulation.

It can be driven by two low hp inboard diesel engines or by outboards.

A General Arrangement plan is available here.

Houseboats over 46'



The request received from our friends at Yellow Sea Yachts was for a 80' houseboat with a BOA = 19', a generous front deck, a back deck and a swim deck, capable of a speed of 8-10mph. Our response is a luxurious houseboat (without being ostentatious) for two couples or a couple with children. The space available at this size allows for flexibility in arrangement, the solution presented is not unique. The actual design is for sheltered waters (see ISO design category "D" for a definition), small changes are required to adapt it for coastal waters.

The cabin is made from large flat panels (ideal to be made on an infusion table) - very easy to make and install. Thick PVC sandwich sides and top are advisable to help insulation. The BridgeDeck stands at 0.75m height from the water. Hulls are round bilge for a decent performance at the proposed displacement of approx. 20t. The flybridge is optional.

The vessel is driven by two Volvo Penta 110SX (2x110hp) inboard diesel engines or can be replaced by outboards (2x high thrust outboards are advisable).

A proposal for the General Arrangement plan is available here. A 3D WebGL model can be seen here (approx. 2.2MB total - WebGL requires new graphic cards).


A simple HouseBoat Gipsy Wagon style. A simple HouseBoat Gipsy Wagon style.

A study plan for a 80ft HouseBoat. A study plan for a 80ft HouseBoat.

A study plan for a 80ft HouseBoat.