L I N K S  O F  I N T E R E S T


More details about the KSS system and Kelsall's designs can be found at www.kelsall.com. Liviu has worked closely with Derek Kelsall between 2001 and 2012 (as KC's main designer and mechanical engineer) and we continue to have a good and fruitful relation with Kelsall Catamarans - see our latest joint projects ARL-KSS-P465, KSS-P61 etc.

An alternative houseboat design can be found here: www.hausboot-bader.de. In various occasions we had the pleasure to work - here at AD and back in the KC days - with designer and engineer Burkhard Bader; at the link above one can find his latest endeavour: a very practical and a good looking houseboat for Europe's rivers and canals.

If you are in software testing field - and ArleeDesign has been quite involved lately with software testing - we wholeheartedly recommend TestCaddy, a professional, fairly priced and easy to use Test Case Management Tool.